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PSI 360 Presents

SportS Tech Camp

Digital Skills Training

Social Media Training

Leadership & Personal Brand Development

Pro Athlete Digital Apprenticeship

College Portfolio Development

Do you love sports + digital?

Do you like to watch and play sports?

Do you like to create YouTube videos?

Do you want to grow your digital skills?

Do you want to build an amazing digital portfolio?

Do you want to showcase your skills for the worlds most amazing professional athletes?


PSI Sports Apprentice 2017

Digital bootCamp

5 Day Experience

June 26th- 30th



5 Day Format

2 Day Sport Production Shoot

Iceline West Chester

3 Day Digital Training



First-Time Discount


Regular Price $899




Digital Sport Sessions Available

Middle School

5th-7th Grade


High School

8th-9th Grade




Current College Student

Recent College Graduates


SPorts Idol Contest

At the end of each week, each apprentice will submit their best digital experiences for review by their peers.

The best experiences in each category will get reviewed by PSI Pro Athletes.

The winner will have their experience tweeted by the athlete to the world.

Elite Professionals


Jamie Lundmark | Danny Briere | Wayne Simmonds


Womens Soccer

Heather Mitts  |  Shannon Macmillan | Angela Hucles | Becky Sauerbrun



Phaidra Knight | Steven Lewis


Water Polo

Kami Craig | Tony Acevedo



Tucker Durkin


Healthy Professionals

Meg Mangano | Leanne Jacobs | Erica Lundmark


Venture Capital / Entrepreneurship

Wayne Kimmel | Todd Carmichael



Dr. Teuta Henci | Dr. Joe Greco


Martial Arts

John Durning