What's A sportspreneur?

Sportspreneur = Entrepreneur in The Sports Business

If you are a professional athlete looking to earn more from your investment in sports than you are an entrepreneur in the business of sports.. a Sportspreneur

A Sportspreneur is…

  • a professional athlete who is also an entrepreneur.

  • can uniquely inspire, equip, and prepare youth to achieve

  • seeks to earn more by offering more

What is a Positive Social Influencer? 

  • We are an invitation network

  • We only offer our platform to Positive Social Influencers

  • Positive Social Influencer are youth mentors who can offer valuable knowledge and skills to youth

  • We seek athletes who want to offer much more than how to play the sport

If I am accepted, what do I Get?

We empower our partners with 

  1. Sports Digital Business Plan

  2. Online Storefront

  3. Free and Premium Sponsored Content

  4. Digital Social Media Team

How does it work?

It's a 3 step process:

  1. Apply online

  2. Get approved by us

  3. Attend a live kick off session or just train-up in our academy

What is the Sports Business Academy?

Our Sports Business Academy is a micro-learning digital training center where you can learn how to:

  • Earn more from your social media

  • Convert your social media fans into customers

  • Offer digital sports content and robust fan store

  • Engage, educate, empower youth fans

  • Learn how to operate profitable sports micro-camps

What do I need to do?

Every approved partner gets an instant sports business platform

  • Our team will both create and operate your platform.

We offer 3 modes of operation

  • Auto-Pilot - We do it all for you

  • Co-Pilot - We drive together

  • Solo - You are the pilot and we help you navigate

  • We are your personal sports business team

We continuously improve your sports business platform finding ways for you to offer more value to fans

What does it Cost?

100% free

  • No contracts

  • Cancel anytime

  • You are 100% control

  • Only when you earn do we earn

Who is eligible to join?

  1. Pro Athlete - Active / Retired

  2. Olympian / Accomplished Collegiate Athlete

  3. From Any Professional Sport

  4. Must Be A "Positive" Youth Mentor

What Other Services do you offer?

  1. Dedicated Digital Intern - For select partner we offer a dedicated digital intern

  2. Home Content Production Studio - We help you to set up your own personal content production studio

  3. Personal Brand Roadmap - A business plan that can best grow your sponsorship income

  4. Active Player Sports Transition Plan - A sports transition plan for transitioning from sport

Is this Really right for me?

We seek to partner up with elite athletes who

  • want to inspire young people

  • enjoy sharing knowledge / experiences with others

  • are "natural" educators

  • seek a way to be public personality even after retiring from sport

  • motivated to create/maintain/grow their sports business in retirement

  • seeking a better way to capitalize on 20+ year investment in sports

  • would be a positive ambassador to grow their sport

  • seek to improve overall business opportunities for the athlete community

Once Accepted, What Do i Get?

As a Sportspreneur you get

  • an instant sports business platform and support team

  • immediately offer amazing experiences to inspire fans

  • access to new experiences you can offer to your fans

is This different than a fan club?


  • No Paid Barriers to Join

    • No pay walls stop fans

  • Immediate Value to Fans

    • You can offer immediate value to all fans

  • Offer Much More

    • You can offer much more than your athletic skills

    • 360 degree mentoring platform for youth

    • Help your fans to achieve on and off the field.

  • Fundraising Revenue Model

    • We do’t rely on ad supported business model or paid social media product posts

    • We empower you to become a fundraiser for schools and youth sports clubs

    • Just like iTunes, you get a full store where your fans can access free sponsored and premium content.

With Sportspreneur, every athlete in our network receives

  • An instant sports business platform

  • Ability to offer young fans everything they need to excel on sports field, in school, and in life

  • A sports business team who handles everything while you play while educating you on the skills you need to have when you transition from sport.

why Can't I just make money Using Social Media?

Very few athletes make money on social.

Most don't make anything. 

Social media was never a business model for an athlete.

In fact, we created Sportspreneur because social media is very poor at making must users money. 

  • Social media limits your reach

    • Social media platform use an "algorithm"

    • Athletes will need to pay to reach up to 85% of your followers.

  • Difficult to earn

    • Very few full time social influencers earn a meaningful income using Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

Sportspreneur empowers you to own 100% of your fans.

As a member of our network we give you

  • a direct way to reach fans without having to pay for access each time

  • an opportunity to share both your and other athletes knowledge with fans

  • a way to make your followers valuable... by inviting them into a vibrant inspirational community

Isn't My Social media Account enough?


  • Many athletes spend time and money creating ineffective social media content with no calls to action or commerce.

  • It is very difficult for 99% of athletes to build a meaningful sports business using only social media and/or a website

Sportspreneur offers a turnkey sport business platform to

  • "train up + nurture" recreational and competitive youth athletes

  • automatically build a robust and vibrant community

  • directly engage and interact with fans in a deeper more meaningful way

How will I Promote it? 

  • We are experts in helping you use your social media to engage fans.

  • You can promote your platform at

    • meet-and-greets

    • camps

    • livestream events

    • other sporting events

  • We partner you with your youth sports clubs, college, and former pro team.

  • We teach you how to "post with purpose" --- and how to build a more engaged and valuable fan community.

Can I Offer my fans free content? 

Yes. Sportspreneur empowers you to 

  • provide your fans free content

  • offer free micro engagement programs on sports, school, and life

  • give fans multiple reasons to join your network

  • deliver more value so you can grow your sports business

Will I Only offer "sports" COntent?


You are more than an Athlete.

Sportspreneur empower you to be a 360 degree Youth mentor offering more than sports content

We only accept positive youth mentors who can inspire success both on and off the sports field

  • Sportspreneur offers content to empower youth with the 360 skills they need to succeed

  • Our library is constantly growing positive digital experiences to engage fans

  • We empower you to mentor fans and prepare every child to succeed in sport, school, and life.

How Will I Engage With Parents?

Parents know they can trust sportspreneur athletes to educate and mentor their child to build self-confidence, positive self-image, improved reading skills, social media safety and so much more. 

  • Each day our youth confront bullying at school and online. You can help.

  • It is difficult for a child with reading issues to learn how to read aloud. You can help.

  • No one shows children how to be safe using social media. You can help.


How Does this Work with My website?

You keep your website -> Just add a link  

  • If your proud of your website just add a link to your website.

  • If your website needs to be refreshed / retired, we give you a modern website at no charge.

  • Sportspreneur gives you an amazing social media content that will connect you directly to your fans in your sports business platform

How do i Get started?

Apply Online  

  1. If you did not yet receive an official Invite, don't worry, you can apply online here.

  2. Once approved, our team will work with you to get your personal sports academy live.

  3. As a Sportspreneur you receive a digital content manager who acts as your personal brand manager.

  4. Your manager will work closely with you to get you up and running.

Accept Our Invite

  1. You will receive a Direct Message invite you are pre-approved to join our network.

  2. Follow the directions in the link.

Can I Customize My Sports Academy?

We will work with you to personalize your sports academy to fit your brand.

Who Controls My Academy?

You control it.

We are a no-worries, no contract, no fine print business.

You are 100% in control of your sport business platform

What does it cost Me?

It's free To try.

We turn it on for you 100% free.

Try it privately and when you are ready, tell us, and we will launch you live so you can start earning

Why Do You Offer It free?

When you earn. We Earn.

  • Sportspreneur is like having a personal iTunes store

  • When you offer sponsored content, sell a premium product, run a youth sports fundraiser, you will earn a % of each purchase

  • As your sports business partner... we earn when you earn

Can I create my own Digital Products?


  • We recommend you attend our content creators academy to learn how to produce content

  • You can create new content right on your smartphone

  • We will connect you with our creative production team to enhance your content

 How much will I make

  • If your create and sell a digital product you can earn up to 70%

  • If you sell another creators product you will earn a commission set by that creator

  • For sports clubs fundaisers and school fundraisers you will earn a commission based on the amount of funds raised.

  • You can elect to

    1. Pay yourself and grow your sports business

    2. Donate earnings to your favorite youth sports charity

Can other athletes Sell products I create?

Fellow Sportspreneurs can sell your digital products to their fans

  • As a Sportspreneur Creator you can let others offer your digital products to their fans

  • Just like Apple reviews an app, we ensure every product available is positive and high quality

  • Once your product is approved we help invite Sportspreneurs to offer your products

Can I be Removed from Sportspreneur?

We Only Invite and Support Positive Social Influencers

We reserve the right to remove any community member from our network if they run into a problem with the law and/or violate our terms of service. We exclusively empower Positive Social Influencers who are positive mentors to youth.

Why should I Join The Network?

We build Your Sports Business Platform so you can earn more from sports.

We help you

  • Create a more valuable fan community while you are playing sports

  • Find a better way to engage and get value from your social media followers

  • Use sports as a business platform when you retire from sport

Do I have to be a highly paid athlete?

We work for every athlete in every sport

  • If you have 500 followers or 5 million, we can empower you to be a positive social influencer.

  • We built our business on a simple idea... what if every athlete could serve as a positive mentor to local youth?

  • If you have the drive to inspire and earn we will empower you to succeed.

What if I am a retired athlete? 

We empower retired athletes. If you are retired, we want to partner with you. 

  • Our team knows how hard it is to successfully transition from sports.

  • We built our solution to uniquely serve the needs of the retired athlete.

  • We want to amplify your positive message

What if I am an olympian?

Yes! We want to partner with you. We know Olympic athletes are some of the best youth mentors in the world

  • We run your platform for you as you train and compete on the international stage

  • We will help you to convert your Olympic journey into real value

  • We seek to have your sports business fuel your Olympic journey

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Built by pro athletes for pro athletes

Grow your sports business

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