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WorkShop Mercantile designs and hosts experiential workshops offering direct pathways to skills and knowledge that matter most in our digital economy


PSI360 Bootcamp

Pro Athlete

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  1. Business as a Service - Understanding How to Run A Digital Business - Tony Bifano
  2. Personal Brand Roadmap - Building Your Personal Business Plan - Tony Bifano
  3. Youth Camp Innovation - Successful Sports Camp Business Models - Mitts / Woodward / Lavner / Robertson
  4. Protecting Your Brand - Incorporation / Brand / IP - Andrew Brandt / Robert T. Green
  5. Sport Transition Psychology - Taking Action - Angela / Heather / Tiki Barber
  6. Sports Agents & Business Opportunities - What to expect post career - Mook Williams  & Brian McLaughlin
  7. Making Investments in Franchises - Don't lose your shirt. Learn about top Sports Franchise Opportunities
  8. Collaborating with Startups - Protect & Leverage Your Brand - AJ Vaynerchuk
  9. Career Transition - Planning for transition before it happens - Paul Rabil / Kobe Bryant
  10. Running Your Foundation - Creating Sustainability for your foundation - Tony Bifano


PSI Certified Athlete

3 -6 Credits Temple Executive MBA program

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PSI360 Bootcamp

Youth Sports Business Entrepreneurs

The Business of Youth Sports

Building A Stronger Business


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  1. Youth Club Marketing  - The future of Sports Club Local Marketing - Facebook
  2. Attracting Talent - Connecting & Collaborating with professional athletes - PSI Athlete Academy
  3. Website 2.0 - Recruiting Advantage - SquareSpace
  4. Merchandise OnDemand - How to build an zero inventory product model - Michael Rubin - Fanatics
  5. Youth Sports Business Officer - Empower your organization to operate as a business - Tony Bifano
  6. SMB Case Study: Martial Arts - Durning Martial Arts - John Durning
  7. Why Video Matters - The future of video and marketing your sports business
  8. Engaging Customers Year Round - Being front of mind matters 
  9. Supporting Volunteer Coaches - More than just the games - Supporting Volunteer Coaches
  10. Creating Content - How to build an internal content creation team


PSI Certified sports Leader

3 -6 Credits Temple Executive MBA program


PSI360 Bootcamp


Elite Student Athlete Parents

Managing the Path To Go Pro

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Pre-Post Game


  1. Prevent Overtraining - How sport specialization impacting your child’s future
  2. Path To Going Pro - What pro’s want. Picking the best opportunity for your child to go pro
  3. Managing Injury & Playing Hurt - Concussions / Repetitive Injuries
  4. Invest Smarter In Youth Camps - Picking the right camps to invest in
  5. Be Smart: FBI & Runners & More - The underworld of sports. How the industry really works.
  6. IMG Academy / Boarding Schools - Is it right for your child - Pro and Con - Danny Morrissey / Mike Donnellan  
  7. Building Athlete Digital Portfolio - Best ways to build your child sport recruitment portfolio 
  8. Art of the Deal: Scholarship Management  - Getting it in writing. Both sides of the table
  9. College Sports Business Ecosystem - Understand who does what
  10. Statistics - Know the odds of going pro. Learn how to make them work better for you
  11. Picking The Right School - How to pick the school that will optimize your chances to go pro


PSI Certified Smart Parent

3 -6 Credits Temple Executive MBA program





Increasing Public and Private school sports return on investment


Presented by

Glenbard East | YSC Academy | Dematha | Gonzaga | Malvern Prep


  1. Student Recruiting - How to recruit and win the very best student athletes
  2. Fundraising & Development- Using your influencer network to create value
  3. Community Service Innovation - Using students / Pro Athlete Alums  -> social impact
  4. Sponsorship Optimization - Growing sponsorships strategically
  5. Engaging Athlete Alumni - Use power of sport to engage / reconnect / activate alumni
  6. Safe Recruitment - Ensure student athletes / parents / coaches compliant
  7. Sports In The Classroom - Use sports to enhance classroom education
  8. CrowdFunding - Digital fundraising for K-12 Sports Programs - Indiegogo


PSI Certified Educator

3 -6 Credits Temple Executive MBA program


Join OUr $15B Conversation

Each year, parents invest $15B in youth sports.

Parent today have more questions than answers on how to best use sports to help their child achieve success on and off the field. PSI 360 seeks to lead this global conversation and invites you to consider sharing your knowledge and insights.

Are you a parent of an elite athlete?

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