You Are more than an athlete

We empower athletes to become an entrepreneur in the business of sports... to become a Sportspreneur.


A Sportspreneur

 the next generation Athlete

Trained to succeed 

in sports + business + Life After Sport


A Sportspreneur

Becomes a digital brand expert

Who will Continue to Thrive

When They Retire From Sport


A Sportspreneur

Is a coachable team player

who seeks to do well and do good


A Sportspreneur

Is Ready for the next challenge

Owns their Personal Brand

Plans Ahead to transition Successfully


A Sportspreneur

Becomes a Sports Business Expert

With a Plan to Succeed financially

in life after sports


A Sportspreneur

Becomes an Expert brand operator

who wields the unlimited power of digital

to generate value for themselves


A Sportspreneur

Serves The Community

As a Positive Youth mentor

 inspiring young fans

to explore the world

discover their future

Realize their Full Potential


A Sportspreneur

Develops Our Future leaders

Empowering Youth to succeed In

school + sports + life


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I Am  More than an athlete

I am a relentless expert in developing my strength and skills as well as advancing my mind and spirit. 

I am a positive example to youth of grit, tenacity, character, and hard work.


I choose to use my social capital for good to empower youth to excel. 

I am building my personal brand + sports business platform so I can do well + do good.

I AM A mentor to YOUTH

I use my sport to inspire youth to pursue their passion and invest in themselves

I create opportunities for my youngest fans to discover their own character, passion, and purpose.

By sharing my own sports journey, I inspire my youngest fan to pursue their own unique potential. 

I am a Sportspreneur




empower every Athlete to be A positive social influencer to youth Fans

We empower our athletes with a digital sports business platform to engage youth fans, offer educational value, offer sustainability so they can continue to serve their youth fans for life. 


Our Sportspreneurs Offer More

Positive Youth Mentorship

Productive Screen Time for Families

Digital skills Development

Character development

Mental Health Education

Workforce Readiness Skills

Inspired Discovery

Trusted information


Heather Mitts

Certified Positive Social Influencer

Sportspreneur empowers elite athlete with an instant sports platform to engage fans.
— Heather Mitts - 3X Olympic Gold Medalist USWNT

Angela Hucles

Certified Positive Social Influencer

Sportspreneur lets me share nutrition and leadership skills needed to become an elite student-athlete.
— Angela Hucles - Past President Woman's Sports Foundation & Founder Fueling Dynamic Leaders
“Influencers who live on social platforms alone are vulnerable by not driving fans into their own community.”
— Gary V. | CEO VaynerSports

Phaidra Knight

Certified Positive Social Influencer

Sportspreneur lets athletes inspire young fans to engage in sport and strengthen the game I love.
— Phaidra Knight - All Decade Player USA Rugby
“Today’s athletes must continuously redefine what it means to be a professional on and off the field.”
— Paul Rabil - Suiting Up Podcast

Dr. Nooha

Youth Educator

Athletes can inspire youth to learn both on and off-field skills they need to achieve their full potential.
— Dr. Nooha - YSC Academy - Head of School

Dave Bauer

High Performance Sports Trainer

Sportspreneur empowers sports performance trainers to offer a deeper level of skills and knowledge.
— Dave Bauer - Bauer Hockey Training Center

John During

Martial Arts Small Business Owner

Sportspreneur empowers instructors to offer the personal life skills students need to succeed both in school and in life.
— John Durning - Founder Durning Karate


Positive Sport Ambassadors

 to use sport for good