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how will this help get me an internship?

CEOs value candidates who've taken the time to research their company. Experiences allow you to create something valuable for a company before you even start working for them.

What Do I Build My Experience On?

You will build your experience on the startup that you choose in your local city, which includes their story, competition, competitive advantage, founding team & PR strategy.

Do I have to choose one of the startups listed above?

Of course not. If you already know a startup that you would really like to intern for, you can build your experience on them.

what happens if the startup chooses not to hire me?

Don't worry. Simply keep building. Your experiences will only get better & better. We will do everything that we can to help you land an internship. 

I'm stuck. I can't find any information on my startup.

Don't be afraid to reach out to the startup that you've chosen. Politely tell them that you're interested in learning more about their company. You've already increased your chances of getting hired.

can i send my experience to someone for review before i submit it?

Absolutely. Send your experience to hunter@ethreezone.com & he will provide his advice on how you can improve your experience.

Wait... I still have more questions.

We'd love to answer them. Send an email to hunter@ethreezone.com or tony@ethreezone.com for a quick response.